Gift the gift of our 3 Month Flower Subscription.  Every week, every Thursday, your receipient will receive a freshly picked seasonal, paper wrapped bouquet from Platinums_garden, organically grown in Sooke, BC, as well as other local micro growers across BC. during the months from Spring to Fall. During the winter months, we order as locally as possible, utliziing commerical growers based right here on Vancouver Island!

Things you need to know:

1.  Once you have placed your order, your first delivery will be sent out on the following Thursday.  We'll ensure we send out a beautiful wax sealed note with their first delivery explaining their subscription.

BONUS:  Pay only 1 delivery charge for your entire subscription - yahoo!! A savings of  $165.00 

2.  Going away?  Need a hold on a 1 week delivery?  No problem, your receipient can simply email us to notify us of the stop week and we'll tack on that delivery to the end of the subcription.

3 Month Weekly Flower Subscription - GIFT CARD

  • We highly recommend the re-cutting of your bouquet stems upon arrival at a 45 degree angel preferably under water to prevent air locks in your blooms.  Frequent water changes every two days will prolong the life of your flowers.  Your bouquet will be delivered with flower food.  Please add this to your water source.