Preserve your wedding florals in artful, life long displays you can pass down through family generations, with Pressed Flowers
We know just how much your wedding day means to you and how important it is to capture the essence of your day in life long memories.  We are thrilled to bring to you, our pressed floral services.

How does it work?

- It's really easy!  Simply return your bridal bouquet, maids bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centrepieces and any florals you would like pressed into a stunning piece of wall art the day after THE BIG DAY. We encourage you to keep your floral items in water over night to reduce signs of premature wilting or rot.  

How long does the process take?

-  pressing florals can take up to 6 weeks to dry completely.  Some elements such as berries will take longer than thinner flowers such as anemone.  We rotate the flowers within the press every 2 to 3 days to wick away moisture and to ensure your flowers are getting the best possible care they can receive.  Once the product has completely dried, we can move into mounting and designing your flowers into wall mounting frames, which typically can take another 2 weeks to complete.  During our high season (June -September), we may push our designing and mounting your flowers until after the wedding season.  Please bare with us as this will be our first year with large amounts of ordering and will have to navigate this new territory together.  We appreciate your understanding.


Do the pressed flowers retain vibrant colours?

- no, unfortunately much of the colour sadly leaves the blooms as the product dies, however we try to maintain as much colour as possible in our press.  Each variety of flower dries differently and some will indeed carry more vibrant colours.  Please, however do not expect the vibrancy the flowers had when they were living.  

Can you re-create my bouquet?

- absolutely yes, on a 2D display.  Please remember, we will be taking a 3D product and transferring the design to a 2D design, meaning that some depth and elements will be lost in translation, however we do our very best with maintaining the overall design as best we can. 

What if I want an abstract design created?

- absolutely yes!  We love to get creative and can take and elevate your design into a vintage feel, modern, or any other idea.  If you can dream it, we most likely can transfer it.  

Will the final product last forever?

- yes, if proper care is given.  We highly recommend not mounting the finished product anywhere it will receive direct sunlight or a heat source.  Both could dramatically reduce any colouring left in the product, as well as disintegrate the delicate blooms into 'crumbles'.  

Where are the frames coming from?

- we are currently working with a local craftsman, Trails End Joinery, located in Youbou, BC.  He makes all sorts of amazing items and we encourage you to visit his IG page and website. 

Tell me details about the frame!

- ok, we are currently custom making maple wood frames with a natural light stain with plexiglass inserts.  We are producing 2 sizes thus far. 16x20 - highly recommended for bridal bouquets/abstract designs and 14x14 which are perfect for maids bouquets and smaller items and or abstract designing. 

What if we didn't work with you to create our live flowers, can we still hire you to press?

- 110% yes - we don't like to play that game at all, everyone is welcome here with wide open arms.  We LOVE love and we like to spread LOVE around too.  We have already pressed numerous other florists works and have had those florists refer their client(s) direct to us for pressing.  We love you!

Ok, this sounds amazing. I would like to invest in preserving our flowers into life long artful pieces, what is the cost of my investment.

- great!  We love it too.  Let's chat pricing.

16x20 Bridal Bouquet mounting - $450 + tax