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You’re unique! – a finger print in time never to be duplicated, completely sophisticated.


You want your wedding to be styled impeccably, and your floral design to be a reflection of who you are and what you love; with an execution that includes the finest of details.  We do too! ... So you ask yourself, where do we start?




Every idea starts with each client's individual style and creativity.

Platinum Floral Designs helps you put all those ideas together to create beautiful bouquets and arrangements for your special day. 


To see a colorful assortment of our past work and how we can help you find your inspiration, please visit out wedding gallery below.


This is where the magic begins…


We ask that you bring ‘everything’ (and yes this includes yourself) so please bring your personality...we like to get to know who you truly are.


We also ask that you bring colour swatches, inspired photographs, dress images, venue choice, and your dreams darling.  We want your direction and your desires. You are individualistic and we’ll create a palette that truly reflects you.


Consultations are currently being booked on a complimentary basis.

During your consultation, the following points can be discussed



Floral Design

Working with your overall color palette, we’ll introduce the right blooms to suit your needs.  We work closely with local and global suppliers ensuring the most stunning blooms for your dream day.  In order to reduce the carbon footprint on our beautiful Earth and save you some dollars, we like to encourage in-season blooms whenever possible.




What you can expect...


Each and every event is custom created and prices will vary from wedding to wedding.  Many clients do not know what to expect,

so we’ve given you a little guideline to get you going.


  • Bridal Party + Ceremony //  $2,000 - and upward

  • Full Service //  Bridal Party, Ceremony + Reception // $3,500  to  “the sky is the limit.” 

  • Event Styling // Quoted on a ‘per job’ basis

    ** Our minimum order size is $2,000 (pick up) ** our minimum order requirement for on-site custom installations is $4500

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