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A floral artful wedding, Fort Commons, Victoria BC

How did we create a M&C's unique floral stunning wedding?

Are you seeking the perfect way to bring a stunning and beautiful visual element to your wedding day? Look no further than floral design. Floral design has been used for centuries in weddings, always providing those special touches that make it truly special. There’s nothing like an elegant touch of romance, or in this case a touch of savvy, unique and bold florals that is added through carefully chosen flowers, colors, and textures - one can say that “there's just something about floral designs”! Exquisite bouquets, grand centerpieces, awe inspiring ceremony backdrops; each of these elements adds beauty and grace while drawing attention to this special event. Our guidance here at Platinum Floral Designs can help you create the most wonderful flowers on your big day! Read on to find out how we can turn any wedding venue into something visually spectacular and how we brought M&C's stunning Fort Commons wedding to life through M's bold floral vision.

When it comes to planning the perfect floral design for your wedding, there are countless options to choose from. From romantic and subtle touches of blush pink roses, to vibrant and fun colored center pieces with unique designs – we can help you create something that will be lasting in memories. When we first spoke with Maddy and her floral vision, we knew she was ready to do something completely off the beaten tracks. Instead of using traditional and classical palettes, Maddy kept saying 'go crazy, over the top, unique, different,' all these key words really helped us develop a fashion forward palette to please Maddy's keen sense of floral adventure.

The first step was choosing a colour palette that complimented the overall vision for the big day. We work closely with decor vendors, stationary vendors and all other vendors to ensure the entire day is cohesive and pulled together. It takes an army of professionals to produce that Pinterest worthy event and we take pride in producing 'that' look every single time. At Platinum Floral Designs, we suggest having at least two or three colors that go along with your overall theme. This will help create a cohesive look and keep everything tied together throughout the entire event from ceremony to reception.

Once you have chosen a color palette, we will discuss the where and how these floral arrangements will be placed. This is when it becomes important to think about the type of venue and space that you have and what areas we can highlight to maximize your floral budget. We are HUGE advocate's in using your funds very wisely. For example, at Fort Commons we know that the size of tables don't often allow for over-scaled centrepieces and often tell our clients to minimize the efforts here using grouped bud vases or minimal greens placed on the guest tables to maximize the tables for place settings/decor and plated foods. We like to focus our clients attention to the STUNNING white brick wall available for you ceremony. Focusing our attention to one area, often allows us to create a stunning custom floral installation that not only will wow your guests but highlight your ceremony which can also double as a Photo Booth during your reception. Dual purposing areas is a budget saver! One of a kind floral installations will also set your wedding apart from any other, truly making your day one of a kind. We suggest having an overall vision for each spot before starting and even measuring out the exact size/space available. This will help us streamline the process from concept to execution.

So you ask, how did we pull Maddy's vision together. We work through M's initial inspirational photos and weed out the ones that aren't quite right by asking Maddy specific questions. From there, we really hone down the colour palette and asking M how 'crazy' do you want to go. After a few emails back and forth, a couple phone chats and lots of curated questioning, we arrive at a spot we can easily create M's first presentation. From here, we review and make any changes required. Through our presentation, M can really see were we are at in terms of colours and flowers to be included. Once M was comfortable with the final presentation, we are go for launch!

We understand that every wedding is special and unique - so we offer a wide range of services to ensure that your floral design is exactly as you envisioned it! From complete event design, to custom DIY packages - we have something for everyone. Let us help create the perfect atmosphere by incorporating stunning flower arrangements, lush green foliage and other decorations that bring your vision to life. Our team has years of experience and the knowledge to make sure everything looks amazing!

We are here to guide you through the entire process, from helping you choose the right flowers for your theme to making sure that all of your ideas come together in a cohesive manner. We want you to be thrilled with the results, and we guarantee that our team will provide nothing less than professional service.

At Platinum Floral Designs, no dream is too big or too small - so contact us today and let’s start planning your perfect wedding! With our help we can make sure any venue looks absolutely stunning on your big day. Let us be part of your special event, and together we can create something truly magical!

Thanking the beautiful and talented Molly Jane Photography for the most stunning of images! Grace, from The Good Party, thank you for your assistance on the day off, to my team and of course The Fort Common!

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