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Platinum takes Bear Mountain Resort, Langford BC wedding

We love what we do! We crave the creativity and LOVE when our clients trust us to do what we do best. When M&D came to us with their ideas, we gathered them all up and helped to guide them through the design process. We flipped flopped through a few different ideas before settling on the final look. We simply loved the final results.

Focusing on the outdoor ceremony, we shaped up the location where these two love birds would ty the knot with the help of Trend Decor's white pillar stands in two different heights to create the 'perfect circle of love' around the bride and the groom. We used luxe flowers, such as champagne hued roses, delphinium, wax flower, ranunculus, scabiosa, lisianthus, assorted greens and tweedia for good measure.

Double duty: we created mimicking flower arrangements down the ceremony aisle to double as centrepieces for the reception tables. Not always does this work out (depending on the situation), however, in this case, it was all too easy and perfectly suited. Eucalyptus bunches hung as pew markers from the white folding wedding chairs, along with a few lanterns and was the perfect way to finish the aisle.

For Mrs.M, she wanted a beautiful cascade bouquet and we gave her just that. Dripping in lighter hues of champagne and whites, accented by lush reds and touches of blue. Perfection. M returned her bridal bouquet to us and had its pressed into ever lasting art. Click here for further information on how we can press your important florals into ever lasting pieces too!

What a beautiful day. The Bridal party and their guests had a beautiful afternoon outdoor gathering shortly after the beautiful ceremony. Mingling in and amongst lounge and table space. The event slowly made way into Bear Mountain Resorts newly renovated ballroom for an evening of good foods, love and well wishes for the couple. We mixed the tables up with high top arrangements gathered from the ceremony site and compote vases filled with a mixture of fresh assorted greens.

Helpful tips: We do often get asked about re-purposing flowers from the ceremony area to reception. It most cases this is absolutely fine and truly makes sense to extend their life span at your beautiful wedding. However a couple things to consider.

  1. If you don't have extra hands on site to help transition the flowers, you may need to consider adding additional labour time to your florists bill to have hands on deck for the transitions. We often suggest finding a few helpers to assist in this job.

  2. Depending on the weather conditions and you've decided to settle on an outdoor ceremony, weather could increase pre-mature wilting (if extremely hot and placed directly in the sun) - in most cases flowers do withstand the few hours out in the sun, topping up the water is a recommendation to help to prolong their beauty. They will drink a lot of water outside. Another note, rain :(. Rain, depending on how much comes down, could cause damage to the bloom heads.

  3. Our favourite items that are dual purpose are ceremony arrangements and any arrangements in a water source down your aisle way. Pew markers and loose greens and or blooms out of water most likely will not make the transition.

  4. Archway displays - many clients like to remove the flowers from arch way to head table. Although this can be done, you'll have to remember you will be removing a vertically placed design made specifically for a forward facing display. Once you remove that item, and place it onto a flat surface, such as a table, the design is not forward facing anymore. The visual display altars and the sides of the display are now in focus. Just a bit of consideration when repurposing florals.

Vendors who made this happen:

Venue: Bear Mountain Resort

Decor: Trend decor

Decor: Decorate Victoria

Photography: Wonder West

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